Case Study Bestar - plogg
Case Study Bestar

Case Study Bestar


Case Study

Our goal: to accelerate sales

Orchestrate a flexible team of experts to build a strong Web presence and integrate an e-commerce service into your business.

What we do with your company

  • Evaluate

    Feasibility and profitability of projects
    Market and competition
    Current and target clients
    Product identification Brand strategy

  • Plan and monitor

    Action plan and deliverables schedule with project teams
    Team and customer follow-up

  • Enrich

    Enhance the perceived value with rich content:
    video, configurator, VR, AR, Computer Generated Imagery, photography
    Writing, editing, and translation of product sheets

  • Influence

    Via social media
    Publications (white papers, videos, images, articles, tools)

  • Support

    Product returns
    Guides et formulaires
    Guides and forms Satisfaction and complaints monitoring (reviews)
    Service appointment calendar

  • Target

    Markets of interest (Re)
    Positioning in relation to competitors

  • Connect

    Ensuring interoperability of systems
    Respecting data integrity
    Existing systems and databases

  • Make visible

    Search engines (SEO, SEM, ERP, Amazon, Website)
    Social media (SMO, SMM)
    Retargeting Geo-fencing
    Presence in communities of influence
    Inbound marketing (e-book, affiliation)

  • Sell

    E-commerce Retailers (Amazon, Ebay, Costco, etc.)
    API Support sales across channels:
    Costco, Walmart, Staples, etc.
    Generate sales on your site,
    Amazon Seller, Vendor, eBay, Houzz, and more.

  • Analyze

    Sales results
    Returns and satisfaction
    Traffic and conversions
    Cost per acquisition ACoS
    Rate of returns and satisfaction %

A flexible e-commerce team

  • Board Members

  • CEO

  • Account Director
  • Director of Content
  • Scrum Master
  • Artistic Director
  • Advertising Director
  • 3D Imaging Director
  • Phone Call Marketing
  • English Writer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Digital Specialist
  • Senior 3D Artist
  • French Writer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • 3D Artist
  • Illustrator

Bestar yesterday

Bestar’s clients were
Costco, Walmart, Wayfair.

  • Little customer experience culture
  • Digital vision:
  • Little knowledge of the end customer
  • Excel files
  • Manual procedures
  • Outdated website
  • No brand culture
  • Consequences:
  • Prise de contrôle des canaux par les revendeurs
  • Perte de vision
  • Perte de vitesse
  • Perte de contact avec la réalité des clients


Bestar now has 350 million customers: Jean, Julie, John, Clark, etc.

  • Digital vision
  • Clear guideline (vision)
  • E-commerce service
  • Internal digital know-how
  • Results:
  • Visible and recognized brand
  • Aligned internal team
  • Knowledge of the end customer’s needs
  • Tailored customer experience
  • Growing revenues

Transition from a product-oriented culture to a
customer-oriented culture

Bestar and Plogg in action

  • Plogg team integrated into the Bestar team
  • Management plan oriented towards customer experience
  • Overview:
  • Ensuring « omnichannel » visibility
  • Knowing our end customers
  • Directing our actions towards the end customer


ERP and e-commerce synchronization

  • Bridge between ERP and BOB, our web marketing platform
  • Product enrichment: photos, videos, guides, translation, SEO, tagging
  • Product export by API: Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Cymax, Wayfair

Knowledge of the end customer

  • An experience based on future trends and data collected
  • Adapt the products according to the customer: price, design, quality, dimensions, photos, videos, assembly
  • Create a customer-based shopping experience: products, packaging, pricing, delivery, support warranty, returns, promotions, social recognition, RV, RA, etc.

A customer-friendly shopping experience

  • An experience based on future trends and data collected
  • Adapt the products according to the customer: price, design, quality, dimensions, photos, videos, assembly
  • Create a customer-based shopping experience: products, packaging, pricing, delivery, warranty, support, returns, promotions, social recognition, RV, RA, etc.

Ensuring omnichannel visibility to target customers

  • Omnichannel visibility management: virtual storefront, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, Houzz, etc.
  • Referencing in search engines adapted to customer searches
  • Advertising and retargeting
  • Management and optimization of social media presence
  • Inbound marketing (blogs, press releases)
  • Marketing with automatic messages at different stages of the purchasing process

3D modeling and animation

  • 3D modeling and contextualization of products (images and videos)
  • Creation of assembly guide videos
  • 3D animated advertising

Ensuring rapid response to customers

  • Booking customer service appointments online (no waiting on the phone)
  • Online chat (support and sales)/Online reviews
  • Automated follow-up responses
  • Fostering communication with the end customer

Supporting the customer at all stages

  • The customer can track the status of his package directly on our website
  • Online product returns
  • Easy online ordering of parts
  • Video assembly guides
  • Applying the product warranty

Promote products

  • Creation of visuals for promotions, sales, specials, discounts, and liquidations
  • Marketing by email or SMS
  • Scripting of coupons, gift cards, quantity discounts, fidelity rebates, promotional codes

Ensuring system security

  • Ensuring the security of the site (code reviews, intrusion tests)
  • Ensuring the security of online transactions
  • Ensuring the security of BOB, the marketing system

Mass customization (configurator)

  • Online furniture configuration by the customer
  • Creation of tailor-made environments by the customer (room, living room, office, etc.)
  • Sharing of furniture creations by customers (social ecosystem)

Bestar and its customers

  • It is necessary to know the customer to make each person’s experience unique
  • Persona
  • Points of contact
  • Business intelligence

Anticipating needs

  • Who : Persona
  • What: Disadvantages, gains
  • When: Mapping of the day
  • Where: Points of contact
  • Why: Persona + data

The customer wants to find answers as quickly as
possible with minimal effort.

Bestar tomorrow

  • Understand and effectively use data (sales, returns, behaviours, emails)
  • Machine learning for automatic customization (AI)
  • Delivering a smart and personalized experience for each customer

In your company

  • Integrating an e-commerce culture
  • Collect, organize, and use data effectively
  • Machine learning and automation of certain procedures with AI